Track Your Seeds

Anti-Counterfeit Verification

Seed Tracker Technology allows customers to avoid counterfeit products by creating unique QR codes for every cannabis seed pack. Customers can be ensured that they are getting the correct product, as every QR code can only be scanned once.

Categorizing Your Grow

Customers are capable of keeping track of their grow and identifying different strains on STT. Our app stores and keeps track of the progress of each strain you upload.

Strain Origin

Growers can find out information about their strains beyond genetic information on Seed Tracker. As brands upload their strain information, we are able to provide users with detailed information such as city, state, or country of origin. This can also aid growers in figuring out what environment is perfect for their seeds.

Grow Diaries

STT is also proud to announce that we are able to log information on each step of a grower’s journey. From germination to flowering, our diary serves to keep your stats and information in one place and to let other growers know how your technique may help them.

Germination Rate

Seed Tracker Technology can use your information to let our partnered brands know their updated germination rates and how they can assist you as a customer.

Step By Step Instructions

STT is also here to help you on your grow journey. With germination instructions and our great community of growers, we are here to ensure you have the best and most successful breeding experience.


Seed Tracker Technology can take your brand to the next level.